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3 Reasons Why Acquiring a Property in the Rising Economy of Butuan City is the Best Investment

3 Reasons Why Acquiring a Property in the Rising Economy of Butuan City is the Best Investment

“Madyaw nga pagkani!”, a Butuanon uttered as he welcomed tourists all around the globe visiting our hometown, Butuan City. This has been a remarkable greeting that made them come back sooner or later after a recent visit. However, do you know that the statement has not just welcomed visitors but investors as well? Let us take a 3-minute read as to why investors are busy acquiring Real Estate Properties in the City.

  1. “Path towards Sustainable Growth”

According to CARAGA by MED Admin, Butuan City, a highly-urbanized city and the regional capital of Caraga Region, had seen in the past few years an upsurge of economic activities — from retail, CONSTRUCTIONS, HOUSING, tourism, logistics, and many more. Although the city had experienced quite a number of booms and busts, its trajectory at present is seen to be for a longer haul — attracting scores of INVESTORS who want to take part of its GROWTH STORY. “Path towards Sustainable Growth”

This means that the city is in its booming state. The Real Estate Properties here as well could shoot up its prices from hundreds to thousands in just a matter of time. Acquiring such as early as now can be the best option for investment.

  1. Businesses registered in Butuan City are increasing

In its recent data, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) said the province of Agusan del Norte, including BUTUAN CITY, leads with 5,441 total number of businesses registered in the region, followed by Agusan del Sur with 5,035; Surigao del Sur; Surigao del Norte, and Dinagat Islands.

Considering the number is higher than the previous years – 2018 and 2017, investors are now participating in building commercial establishments that can either be sold at a higher price in the near future or a passive income through space-for-rent business.

  1. Tourists are coming in and going out tremendously

Manila Bulletin wrote that DOT Caraga Region 13 revealed that a total of 298,767 tourists visited the region during the first quarter of 2018 or a 0.42 increase compared to 297,015 in the same period last year. BUTUAN CITY has also an increase in the arrival of tourists, both domestic and foreign during this period.

Since the city is considered the passage way to all tourist destinations in Mindanao, Siargao for example, tourists are coming in and going out. This signifies that AIRBNB and other Transient Business are of rising market value. Investors are now considering the acquisition of houses from the developers like Camella and The Soleia Condo Homes – The First Condominium in Caraga.

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Cyrus Louie Jumuad

is a Senior Property Consultant of DK Realty Philippines. He is 25 years old, used to be a Licensed Professional Teacher, who had high academic records from Elementary up to College - graduated as the Batch Valedictorian out of approximately 750 college graduates way back 2015 in his Alma mater in Butuan City. He was awarded as one of The Outstanding Students of Caraga (TOSCa) on the same year. Despite having all those achievements, he realized that academic background was never the true measure of success in the real life setting. One should not just academically excellent, but should be street smart as well. In 2018, he had struggles in his career in the government and a good friend encouraged him to attend an orientation in Real Estate. It never crossed his mind pursuing that kind of industry. Eventually, as he was trying the business, he loved that he has become a tool for other people to acquire their desires to have own properties. Now, he has been helping Butuanons all around the globe acquire and achieve the Real Estate Property of their dreams through DK Realty for almost two years now. He has been tapped to share the free opportunities to aspiring realtor and a content creator or contributor of DK Realty’s website.

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